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Filling in a tax return


There are a number of tax returns which we can prepare and submit for our clients. These include:

  • Self-Assessment/Personal Tax Returns

  • Partnership Tax Returns

  • Corporation Tax Returns (CT600)

Usually corporation tax returns will be undertaken as part of preparing a limited company’s year end accounts, and we are able to submit these directly to HMRC via our systems.

Self-assessment or personal tax returns may be required to be completed by self-employed individuals, directors of limited companies, or individuals with additional income to usual employed earnings.


We prepare these tax returns based on information you provide to us - which can either be dropped off in hard copy to our office in Louth, Lincolnshire, or e-mailed over to us electronically.


Once we have prepared your tax return we can then submit these on your behalf directly to HMRC.


Contact us today to arrange for your tax return to be taken care of.

Calculator and tax return
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